About Robert Kouffman & Associates P.C.


The law firm of Robert Kouffman & Associates P.C. is a 34-year-old general practice law firm located in Bridgehampton and East Hampton, Long Island.

Founded in 1987, in East Hampton New York, our firm focuses on Real Estate Law, Commercial Law, Construction Law, and Trusts and Estates Law.

In addition, we offer our clients extensive litigation experience in both the criminal and civil areas, earned in the high-pressure courtrooms of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Simply put, we are not afraid to go to trial if it is on our client’s best interest to do so with the full expectation of prevailing in that matter.

The foundation of our practice has been built upon a strong commitment to integrity, diligence and excellence in concert with our ties to the local community, both professionally and personally.

Mr. Kouffman has passionately served officially; as Municipal Deputy Town Attorney and Village Prosecutor, as well as privately as an active member of local organizations creating valued lifelong relationships both in and outside the east end legal system.

Robert Kouffman & Associates is truly a traditional practice in the best sense of the word where the nobility of the profession is upheld and honest client representation is viewed as both a sacred responsibility and a valued privilege.